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Privacy Policy

A bubblegamesup is an international entertainment company specializing in the production of mobile games and applications.


The purpose of this policy is to provide you with all the important information and explanations about how and why some of your data may be collected and processed (by the bubblegamesup) when you use the application. This privacy policy regulates and describes in detail the basic principles that (the bubblegamesup) applies to the data that we collect and process to:


To develop, to publish and to monetize mobile games and applications.

This policy also aims to remind you of your rights and provide you with all the elements necessary to implement them.


If you have any questions related to this policy or our practices regarding privacy and data protection in general, please do not hesitate to contact the Data Protection Officer (the bubblegamesup) as indicated in the contact section of this policy.


Why do we collect data from our apps and games?


When you install and use mobile apps, we may collect and process some of your data for various legitimate purposes.


Below you will find explanations of the reasons why we may collect data and the legal grounds on which we rely in each case.

We collect such data:


- To provide you with the services you requested (for example, knowing that you passed the first level to allow access to the second);

- Legal basis - such data processing is strictly necessary for the requested services;

- To conduct analytics and understand how users interact with our products and services to continuously improve them directly or through third-party partners;

(for example, determining that a feature annoys users or that a level is too difficult for most players);

- The legal basis for third-party analytics is explicit consent. In countries where the collection of user consent may be required following applicable laws and regulations, the company transfers personal data collected through the applications only to third-party partners who provide analytical services after you express your consent through a pop-up notification included in our program.

- The legal basis for the analysis of the first party is a legitimate interest. The company collects user data for its internal analytics tools. The data is used exclusively for the analytical tool and is not transferred to third parties. This data processing is based on the legitimate interests of the company.

- Show ads based on the preferences and interests of our users and allow us to continue providing free services and products;

- The legal basis is explicit consent. In countries where the collection of user consent may be required by applicable laws and regulations, the company processes or transfers personal data collected through the applications only for personalized advertising after you express your consent through a pop-up notification included in our applications.


For all data processing activities that depend on user consent, you can revoke your consent at any time on the Settings page in our applications.


Please note that if you withdraw your consent or refuse to give consent in the first place, you will still receive advertising, but it may be less relevant to you because it will not correspond to your interests.


What data do we collect from apps and games?

For all the purposes listed above, the data that the company collects is limited to:


1. The applications that you use.

2. Your IP address.

3. Your Mobile Advertising ID (Apple IDFA or Google AAID are technical identifiers developed by mobile operating systems for advertising purposes, which remain under your control and can be reset or deleted at any time in your device settings);

4. Technical information about the device you are using and your connection (user agent, connection type, timestamp);

5. Data related to your actions in our applications and, in particular, how you interact with our applications (for example, how and when you use our applications) and with the advertising served in our applications (for example, the number of ads displayed, potential clicks).


Who can we share your data with and why?


The Company does not transfer your personal data to third parties without your prior consent in countries where the collection of user consent may be required by applicable laws and regulations.


When you consent to the collection of data for advertising and analytical purposes, we may transfer the above data to the following categories of recipients:


1. Advertising partners: This allows us to monetize the advertising inventory of our applications and provide users with free products and services.


These partners usually collect data using their tools (software development kits or "SDKs"). You will find a list of our partners implementing advertising SDKs through applications, and the privacy policies of their services, which describe their methods and allow you to exercise your rights directly about them in the future:


1. CAS -

2. AppLovin -

3. Google AdMob -

4. Unity Ads -

5. Tapjoy -

6. ChocolatePlatform -

7. PubMatic -

8. IronSource -

9. FaceBook -

10. Vungle -

11. AdColony -

Analytics companies: which provide us with tools and technologies that allow us to better understand how users interact with our services and help us improve them. These partners also usually collect data using their SDKs. Below you will find a list of our partners implementing analytical SDKs through our applications:


- Game Analytics -

-     Firebase -


Transfer of information to third parties


Except for the cases specified in this Policy, the company does not transfer your personal information to third parties. If we offer services or promotions in which your information is collected and used separately following the privacy policy of a third party, we will inform you about this at the time of collection, and you can opt out of participating in the service or promotion.


We will share your information with other users to provide our Services. For example, if you post a profile picture, this image may be available to all other users of our Services.

We may also transfer your information to third parties following the requirements of legislation or regulations; at the request of law enforcement agencies or other government officials in connection with the investigation of fraud, violations of intellectual property rights or other activities that are illegal or may expose you or us to legal liability; or if it otherwise considers it necessary to detect, prevent or otherwise solve fraud, security, technical problems or other threats to the company or others.


We may share the above categories of information with third-party companies that provide services on our behalf, including payment processing, order fulfilment, data analysis, marketing services, email companies, hosting services and customer service. By providing services to us, these companies may access your personal information and must use it exclusively following our instructions for the service we request.


We may disclose your information to another person in connection with the acquisition or merger, sale or transfer of a division of assets, bankruptcy proceedings or any other similar transfer of business, including during negotiations on them.


We may use and share certain technical and personal information with third-party advertisers (and other third parties), and we may also allow advertisers to collect technical and personal information that they may share with us using tracking technologies such as web beacons. The collected information can be used to offer you targeted selection and delivery of advertising to personalize your user interaction by increasing the likelihood that the advertising of products and services you see will appeal to you (a practice known as behavioural advertising), analytics (i.e. traffic analysis and other end-user actions to improve your experience). For more information about rejecting behavioural advertising, see In the section about your rights and opportunities for your personal information below.


We may transfer your personal data outside of your country of residence, including, possibly, to countries that do not provide a level of data protection equivalent to your country of residence. We apply appropriate security measures to protect the personal information we transmit following applicable data protection requirements. In cases where this is required by law, we introduce standard contractual provisions to protect your personal information.


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